Welcome to Prodigy Wellness Center

As the “wellness” in our name suggests, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health – not just being a “gym” member. Our goal and promise is to provide a superior service so you can live at a level of wellness and state of vitality allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what your age or past medical history.


All of the trainers strive for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. I am so very, very thankful and proud of the friends that I have made at Prodigy Wellness Center. They have walked beside me and yes, thankfully, have pushed me (more like a gentle nudge) to continue to know that I am worthy of making myself do and feel better. – Bev G.

I have been personal training with Sarah for the past few years. At age 59, my fitness level is better than in my 20's. I have completed Warrior Dash's, Tough as Nails, and now my third Spartan. I thank Sarah for that. Her professionalism and knowledge of fitness is nothing short of awesome. – Beth S.

After training with Traci this summer and becoming more comfortable in the gym, I lowered my systolic blood pressure by 20 and my diastolic blood pressure by 26. Exercising was definitely the best choice for me at Prodigy Wellness Center! – Gara C.

Prodigy is an encouraging environment that challenges you. The trainers start where you are and help you build confidence and comfort in the gym to help you meet your goals. Health and wellness is always the primary focus…and we have fun! – Melissa L.

Since starting Prodigy, I lost 40 pounds, gained strength and flexibility. I accomplished things that I couldn’t do before such as the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and Tough As Nails. I feel younger than I did 10 years ago. Health is the true foundation of youth. – Jason W.

The trio of Certified Personal Trainers: Sarah, Traci, and Courtney, always provide a motivating moral in and out of the gym. It’s nice to know they are there with their own extensive knowledge and personal experiences which keeps it real and allows for an understanding (and if needed, assistance) for everyone’s unique goal. – Patrick S.


Sarah Shepherd, MS, ATC, PES

Sarah holds a Master of Science degree from California University of Pennsylvania in athletic training, and is a board certified athletic trainer through the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. She is also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a performance enhancement specialist. Driven by her background in sports medicine, Sarah’s priority is to help people move better and experience less pain through exercise.

Traci Nething, CPT, CES, CNC

Traci is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. Traci is also a certified TRX ® instructor. Her goal is to provide a positive environment and great workout. She doesn’t think fitness has to be boring and loves to keep her bootcamp and cycling classes fresh with an occasional game or theme.

Jill Fox

Jill is certified in Zumba® and Booty Barre®. She has been teaching group fitness classes for over 20 years. Jill always brings the energy to ensure her participants are having a good time while getting a great workout. According to Jill, there are no wrong moves in Zumba as long as you keep moving!

Courtney Archer, CPT

Courtney is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is sure to show you what you are capable of in one of her classes. Designed for participants of all fitness levels, Courtney’s results driven classes will challenge you and leave you feeling confident.

Personal Training - 30 minutes

Single Session $26.50 Each
3 Session Packages $74.20 (Save $5)
5 Session Packages $121.90 (Save $10)
10 Session Packages $243.80 (Save $20)
15 Session Packages $365.70 (Save $30)
20 Session Packages $477.00 (Save $50)

Small Group Training

Small group training consists of a minimum of four participants and maximum of six participants. Workouts are fun, effective, and interactive and are designed for existing participants to continue to reach their fitness goals while new participants may begin their fitness journey in a safe and comfortable environment.

This is the most cost effective method for personal training and the best value at PWC! Price is $175 which includes the four consecutive weeks (8 small group sessions total), and basic gym membership during those 4 weeks.

Nutrition Coaching

  • One on one coaching.
  • Gain knowledge for doable daily actions that fit your lifestyle.
  • Enables you to make nutrition a part of your life, without it taking over.
  • 6 weeks - $125.

All classes are included in membership except cycle
Cycle is $5 for members / Classes are $10 for non-members
Booty Barre and Cycle require signup
Classes are fun, effective, and interactive


Dedicated to strengthening and tightening your body through targeted movements, this low impact class is beginner friendly while also providing a beneficial addition for our regular class goers.


High intensity interval training increases endurance and strength by alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.


Bootcamp mixes cardiovascular conditioning and strength training to deliver a full body burn.


Zumba® is a dance inspired cardio workout designed to bring people together to sweat it out in a fun and energetic atmosphere.


Cycle is a low impact, high energy workout on a stationary bike that improves endurance, power, and strength.

Booty Barre®

Booty Barre® mixes pilates, dance, and yoga into a fun and energetic workout that will define and tone the whole body.


Yoga is a mind and body practice that can build strength and increase flexibility in a soothing and relaxing space.

SilverSneakers® BOOM™ Muscle

This class incorporates athletic exercises that boost overall fitness. Move through muscle conditioning blocks and activity-specific drills to improve strength and functional skill.

SilverSneakers® Yoga

Move through seated and standing yoga poses designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of movement. Finish with restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation to promote reduced stress and mental clarity.

Membership Pricing
Membership includes Gym + All classes except Cycle
Membership includes 24/7 Access to Gym

Listed below are our Monthly Rates. All three, six, and twelve month options are contract agreements with automatic EFT monthly billing. Enrollment fees apply and vary depending on category.

Rates 1 Mos. 3 Mos. 6 Mos. Annual
Adult $57.00 $51.30 $48.45 $45.60
Senior $52.00 $46.80 $44.20 $41.60
Youth $40.00 $36.00 $34.00 $32.00
Family – children must be youth age
and dependents of the adult couple
$125.00 $112.50 $106.25 $100.00
Adult Couple $95.00 $85.50 $80.75 $76.00
Senior Couple $90.00 $81.00 $76.50 $72.00
Single Parent Family $95.00 $85.50 $80.75 $76.00